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White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide

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Product Description

White aluminum oxide is a type of abrasive material known for its high purity and hardness. It is produced by the fusion of high-quality aluminum oxide in an electric arc furnace. The resulting crystal structure gives white aluminum oxide its unique characteristics, making it suitable for various abrasive applications. It is commonly used in industries such as metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and electronics for tasks like surface preparation, polishing, and finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is white aluminum oxide?
A: White aluminum oxide is an abrasive material derived from high-quality aluminum oxide. It is produced through a process called fusion, where aluminum oxide is melted in an electric arc furnace and then cooled and crushed into fine particles. The resulting white aluminum oxide crystals possess high purity, hardness, and strength, making it a valuable abrasive material for numerous applications.

Q: What are the properties of white aluminum oxide?
A: White aluminum oxide is characterized by its white color, high purity, and exceptional hardness. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 9, making it one of the hardest abrasive materials available. It is also chemically stable and resistant to heat. These properties make white aluminum oxide ideal for tasks that require aggressive cutting, grinding, or polishing, especially on hard surfaces or materials.

Q: What are the common uses of white aluminum oxide?
A: White aluminum oxide finds applications in various industries. It is commonly used for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing tasks in metal fabrication, automotive refinishing, aerospace, and electronics. It is employed in processes like grinding, polishing, sandblasting, and honing to remove rust, corrosion, paint, or scale from metal surfaces. White aluminum oxide is also utilized in the production of precision tools, ceramic products, and refractory materials.

Q: How is white aluminum oxide different from other abrasive materials?
A: White aluminum oxide stands out from other abrasive materials due to its high purity and hardness. Compared to other types of aluminum oxide abrasives, white aluminum oxide has a higher percentage of aluminum oxide and fewer impurities. Its hardness and cutting ability make it well-suited for tasks that require precision, control, and a fine finish. Additionally, white aluminum oxide generates less heat during use, reducing the risk of heat-related damage to the workpiece.
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